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Charlie 02

Charlie 02 by theoldartstudio

1. When did you first become interested in art?


As far back as I can recall, I was always making stuff or drawing on something so I guess I was destined to do something creative in adult life! I did a lot of illustration and painting growing up. I went to art collage which really opened up a lot of different creative subjects to me, ahead of studying product design at uni. I then ventured into photography and graphic design, which culminated in a passion for creating wall art.


2. How would you describe your design style?


I create a lot of quite different designs, so I don’t think I have any one particular style but there are a few themes which run through a lot of my work – such as my love for geometric patterns, graphic design, palm trees, and pop art. I often like to create pieces using mixed media, so some of my designs are amalgamations of photos, paintings and vector graphics which are then brought together digitally – I find this satisfies my inner artist, photographer and graphic designer all at the same time!


3. What inspires you?


My passion for design spans a wide range of creative disciplines – from art & photography to interior design & architecture, so I find inspiration from a variety subjects, and from a variety of sources – like interior design magazines, social media and shapes or patterns I come across in everyday life. I keep a record of everything that inspires me (like a digital scrapbook) It’s a really useful resource to look back through for inspiration when creative block strikes! There’s also nothing more inspiring than hearing other creative people talk passionately about their work.


4. What is your favourite piece in your collection?


My “America’s Favourite” art print – it’s a kind of ‘cubist pop art’ style mash up of a Heinz ketchup bottle. Ironically I don’t even like tomato sauce but I have a large framed print which looks quite cool in my kitchen! I’m currently working on some different editions of this design.

Americas Favourite by theoldartstudio

5. Is there any artistic talent in your family?


There’s definitely a theme of practical creative talents that runs through my family. I’m thankful that I was encouraged to be creative growing up.


6. What is the journey you take to produce your work?


I tend to start off looking for inspiration and once I have an initial idea for a design, the process I follow and the materials I use really depends on what style of design I’m creating. Most of my work is created in Photoshop and Illustrator, but elements of it can be created using anything from my camera to an old paintbrush that’s seen better days. Like most artists though, at some point in the creative process, I’ll no doubt have snapped a few pencils in half and filled the bin before the final design is achieved!


7. What made you want to be a part of Art Rookie?


As soon as I became aware of art Rookie I immediately jumped on board! A lot of sales platforms for artists are based overseas, so it’s fantastic to have a UK based platform, plus I love your passion for supporting emerging British artists and designers. Where else could you get your art printed on a cup & saucer?!

Abstract Geometric 03

Abstract Geometric 03 by theoldartstudio

8. When you’re not creating masterpieces what do you enjoy doing?


Hanging out with creative friends and drinking excessive amounts of coffee! I love photography and spending time near the sea too – living in South Wales I get to spend a lot of my down time exploring the local beaches and coastline with my camera!


9. Have you faced any struggles getting your work noticed?


I think everyone struggles with this initially, but if you have confidence in your work, work hard, and put yourself out there it will pay off eventually. I definitely get noticed more on Art Rookie than some of the other POD platforms.


10. Where would we find you hanging out in the UK?
Out and about in my home city of Cardiff.

11. What makes British talent different than elsewhere?


I think what differentiates British talent is that we have such a unique and diverse range of talent across the creative arts. What Art Rookie does really well is to showcase that diversity – it’s fantastic to see so many different styles of art and design promoted, which is great for artists and customers!


12. What are your plans for 2017?


I’d love to turn my part time creative job into a full time one! I’d like to spend more time being creative, improving my design skills and perhaps try and drink a little less coffee. (…Maybe not the coffee thing!)

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